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Health and Spirituality -Health with superior access and evolution

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Diseases origins

Under the multidimensional perspective:

"All diseases stem from the erroneous use of the energies that are in us." Thus, our faith moves us to higher purposes in our life, in destinations now directed by conscious content (racional), sometimes by our unconscious (animated or spiritual).
We call it learnings, talents, gifts and internal resources. These rules and resources that accompany us from our ancestry until the present day in the here-now, ie the birth, which is entered in parts natural, such as the iris, hence the iridology in lineament of the face and analyzes subtle as Kirlian photo ... up the continuous adjustments to the demands of the external environment around us, or taking advantage of favorable harvests.
"When not awakened this divinity, this spiritual legacy, or the learning that is in us, to deal with each situation, easily tend to divert our route and our original goal, and then we are in disharmony = diseases".

"Nothing is serious, if we don't lose the supreme consciousness of our Being, where lives our Spirit."

"When we racionalize, we block the creative energies and the contact with our Spirit.It is when we stop loving ourselves, or loose what life has really to offer. "

"If you in fact became ill prepare yourself: one big change is just beginning to grow dependind on you to face this new situation of a reborn to a new, stronger much more conscious being."

"Present in our own centers, allowing to capture and decode the good energetic relations, we simply assume the true, from a singlest way and we connect to the upper levels, being authors of our destinies."


Body Health:

It is the last step to change, but the most valued on the materialistic way of our society.

The Spiritual Health and Mental health

Mantaining on the contact with our Spirit and with the Superior plan, we are always healthy,independently on the religion in which we believe or follow. It also involves the self-learning, which goes into effect through the changes obtained with the proper treatment and self-training.

Family Health

Through individual energetic works, we can change also our family relations.

Social Health

When we have a properly active role in society, for example, a good job that helps people, we will have the gratitude and good interaction with the environment around us.

Financial Health

It is due to other forms of health.

What is complementary and integrative medicine?

Since the time, as reported by prophets, in the Old Testament, we knew that thoughts, feelings and emotions should be integrated, to achieve our highest existential purpose or Health.Similarly, must occur with, integrating-correcting our bodies : physical, energetical, mental and Spiritual.

For the physical body harmoniously unit to the energetical body we use herbs wich is indicated when there is physical body damage.
If energy in turn responds better to treatment with vibrational therapy, which occurs in stressful situations ,acupuncture without needles, f. ex.Energetical body in turn need to unite with mental body,in turn responds better to homeopathic treatment, or more subtle, should be harmoniously united the spiritual body, which has correctly exercised his role with the practice of charity, self-knowledge, meditation and prayer, to have smooth on the prevalence the physical.

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